Book Review: Cats in Paris by Won-Sun Jang

Cats in Paris: A Coloring Book of the Felines of Paris

Published by Watson-Guptill
Jan 26, 2016 | 80 Pages | 9-13/16 x 9-13/16 | ISBN 9780399578274
 I was underwhelmed by this coloring book, probably because the first third led me to believe there was some kind of story.  Unfortunately, once the story bits left, the book contained more abstract images and patterns, which only kinda had a cat theme, than what I would consider as whole pictures.  My preferences shy away from abstract as I find it frustrating to find the meaning of the piece.  I like my art more literal or surreal.
My other issue was with the art style itself.  It looked like sloppy sketches that I could have made myself.  It would have taken the use of a straight-edge to make them look more finished, but my guess is that the author was trying to be less formal.  To be perfectly honest, I would not purchase this for myself; however, I have many friends who really liked the art and the book, and their only complaint was that is was printed double-sided.
While this coloring book wasn’t as relaxing for me, I can definitely see the appeal for other people, which is why I’m logging it away for possible Christmas presents 🙂

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