Top 10 Tuesday: BEA/BookCon 2016 Authors

So, next month BookExpo America & BookCon gust into the Windy City, which means it’s close enough that I can attend!  While work could not afford to send me, they were willing to let me take Thursday and Friday off.  So, I’m going to BEA & BookCon!!

Although BookCon has been announcing guests for several months, BEA just released its initial schedule and app this past weekend, and I’ve been playing with schedule stuff all day!  While I definitely don’t have ANYTHING finalized yet, I have squeed like the excited fan girl I am over how many authors I really want to meet.

And, I’ve decided to share the 10 I’m most excited about with all of you.

Brandon Mull

10. Brandon Mull-Fablehaven continues to be one of my favorite series, and I’m waiting rather impatiently for the follow up series, which should be coming soonish.  I met Mull at ALA 2013 and collected his signature in book 5, but I would love to have him sign book 1 and to ask about the follow up 🙂

Kendare Blake

9. Kendare Blake-While I haven’t finished any books by Blake, I started Antigoddess and was intrigued by the whole concept.  I’m also looking forward to her newest book, Three Dark Crowns, which might be available at the conference.

Susan Dennard

8. Susan Dennard-Another author that I haven’t read, but Truthwitch sounds like my kind of fun, so it’s high of my TBR list right now.

Gene Luen Yang

7. Gene Luen Yang-Yang would be higher on this list if I hadn’t already met him once and collected his autograph on the first 9 Avatar: the Last Airbender graphic novels.  He’s pretty awesome, and AtLA is one of my favorite cartoons/worlds ever.  Also, another series came out, and I need more Appa!

Victoria Aveyard

6. Victoria Aveyard-Red Queen was one of my favorite debut reads from last year, and Glass Sword was interesting as well.

Shannon Hale

5. Shannon Hale-I was really excited to see Hale on the list for author signings at BEA because I had almost given up acquiring her signature.  You might think that I want her signature for Princess Academy or The Goose Girl, but I actually loved her take on Ever After High the most.

Danielle  Paige

4. Danielle Paige-I got my boss hooked on Dorothy Must Die, and the dark take on Oz turned me on to her writing style.  Which means, I’m super excited to read her take on one of my favorite fairy tales, The Snow Queen, in the form of Stealing Snow later this year.  When I met her at ALA Midwinter 2015, she was adorable.

These last three are all tied up, so I’ll just label them all as #1.

Marissa Meyer

  1. Marissa Meyer-The Lunar Chronicles were a fantastic sci-fi take on several fairy tales that were seamlessly blended together.  Although I already had her sign that series, I’m hoping to meet her in person and learn more about Heartless, which comes out later this year.

Sarah J. Maas

1. Sarah J. Maas-I’ve been kicking myself since I read Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight and A Court of Thorns and Roses, all within the last year and a half.  I’ve become obsessed and can’t wait to meet her in person.  (I hear she’s a little crazy 🙂

Laini Taylor

  1. Laini Taylor-I can’t bring myself to read Dreams of Gods & Monsters because I loved the writing that Taylor brought to her amazing world and characters, and I’m not ready to say good-bye yet.  However, Strange the Dreamer sounds AWESOME, so I guess I’m going to have to say bye pretty soon.


Are any of you going to BEA or BookCon?  Who are you excited to meet?  Are there any ARCs you hope to see?  I plan to blog about my time there either during or just after, and I’m sure to host a giveaway from my book stash and/or swag the week following the event.


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