And so it begins…

Today, I start my journey to America’s largest book convention

But first, I have to finish out most of my work day.  And then, traveling!!!  Since I’m only four hours away, I decided to drive.  Most people have told me I’m crazy for this decision, but I’ve planned it out and have very few worries about driving in Chicago.

I double and triple checked all my lists.  Packed extra socks and underwear, because you never know.  And loaded up my car before work, so I wouldn’t waste any time when I clock out.  I even decided to pack my laptop so I can blog about each day of the event (with apologies in advance for any typos or grammar mistakes as I’m sure to be dead tired at the end of every day).

Here’s a quick look at what to look forward to this week:

  • School Library Journal’s Day of Dialog on Wednesday
  • BookExpo America on Thursday and Friday
  • Candlewick Press party Thursday evening
  • Blogger dinner Friday evening
  • Nebulas mass signing Friday night
  • BookCon on Saturday

After all that, I want to do a final wrap-up Sunday night when I return home.  That’s it for now.  Hope to meet lots of new people in Chicago and maybe make some new friends.


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