Throwback Thursday: Alpha & Omega series by Patricia Briggs

For the next few weeks, my Throwback Thursday will feature reviews previously posted on my Tumblr.

R: Recommended (This is at the top of the pile.)

Creative Must (Does something different really well.)

Here’s a quick breakdown of the first 4 books in this series.

Cry Wolf: After years of abuse at the bottom of a pack, Anna has learned not to trust dominant males, until Charles Cornick, the enforcer and leader of the North American werewolves, reveals her true nature as an Omega wolf.

Hunting Ground: Newly mated werewolves, Anna and Charles, attend a summit discussing whether or not the wolves should make themselves known to humans, when Anna is attacked by vampires using pack magic.

Fair Game: Charles, the enforcer of the North American werewolves, is sent to Boston with Anna to assist the FBI in tracking down a serial killer who is targeting werewolves.

Dead Heat: A birthday vacation to Arizona turns deadly for werewolves Charles and Anna, who discover that a dangerous Fae, who is replacing human children with simulacrums, was released to show humanity what the Fae are capable of.

Each book is a contained story, which is used to grow and evolve the main characters, Anna and Charles, while also developing the world.  Briggs does a masterful job of both and is always a joy to read even if the story is a bit iffy.  While I prefer the Mercy series, I really enjoyed learning more about this set of characters, which occasionally cross over.  One of my favorite authors for sure, I’ll recommend her to anyone wanting to start a new fantasy author/series.

I received an uncorrected proof version of book four in my first AceRocStars package and quickly purchased books 1-3 to read!


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