Fangirl Friday: Author Signatures Pt. 2

So last week, I posted part 1 of my author signature collection.  And now here’s part 2!


Having enjoyed her demon series when I was in high school, I sent an email (as seen on her website) with a request.  And since she didn’t have any of her own, I printed out some using the first book’s clean cover image.  She was sweet enough to send a couple bookmarks back with the plates as well.


Having loved Enchanted and its sequels (and wondering when the next one is coming out!), I knew I wanted to collect Alethea Kontis’s signature.  I actually sent a book with some friends to Dragoncon 2015 to have her sign it, but then earlier this year, I found out she was signing at the Nebulas while I was in Chicago for BEA 2016.  So, I got to meet her and talk a little bit while getting her to sign my other books in the series.


Those same friends took my copies of Queen’s Own and The Black Swan to DragonCon 2015, where Mercedes Lackey made one of her few convention appearances, and she was signing with Larry Dixon.  So I received both of their signatures.


That’s it for this week.  I’ll have more to share next Friday 🙂

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