Fangirl Friday: Author Signatures Pt. 3

Another week to feature some fun author signatures in my collection.  Next weekend, I’ll be attending ARCHON 2016 in Collinsville, IL, so part 4 of this series will feature authors that regularly attend the convention.  The week after I return will feature newly collected signatures, and the following week will showcase any remaining authors that didn’t fit into those two posts.


These were the first bookplates where I specifically sought out the cover art (minus all the words) for the author to sign.  I contacted Catherine Asaro through Facebook, and after some back and forth, she agreed to sign any plates I sent with an SASE.  She was able to return them rather quickly, too.


If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll definitely recognize Aaron Safronoff and his Sunborn Rising title!  I know I haven’t given it a full review yet, but that’s because the immersive app was just released, and there’s been no time for me to try it out yet.  But the art is gorgeous and the music inspired.  So glad I found this booth at BEA16!!


Shannon Messenger usually has a swag giveaway as an incentive to pre-order her books.  Besides signed bookplates, she has offered art prints, buttons, and stickers.  All featuring either cover art or art she has created.


I really like the idea of Tieflings from the Dungeons & Dragons universe, and when I read the stories with characters created by Erin M. Evans, I fell in love even more.  I can’t remember if I contacted her via email or Facebook, but she was willing to sign some bookplates sent with an SASE.


That’s it for this week’s post.  Don’t forget that next week I’ll start featuring authors from ARCHON!

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