Fangirl Friday: Author Signatures Pt. 4

As promised, here are some signatures collected from past ARCHONs!  It’s always exciting to see who the writer/artist guest of honor will be and then to meet them in person.  My earliest favorite author, Tamora Pierce, attended a couple years back.  I went to almost every panel she was on and even invited her to my bachelorette party.  Unfortunately, although she agreed to make an appearance that night, she was not feeling well.  Instead, she sent her assistant with a lovely note apologizing and congratulating me.

Last year’s author guest was Jacqueline Carey.  This was the first year that I made bookplates to take with me.


The Dinosaur Lords by Victor Milan was one of my most anticipated releases, and it took me awhile to put together that the Masquerade MC was the author of this book.  While I didn’t purchase a hardcover, I did take plates with me, which he agreed to sign.  Now that the paperback is out, I’ve already added the plate.


Glen Cook is a local author that attends ARCHON almost every year.  While I haven’t read any of his work, he is well known for his Black Company series.



That’s all for this week.  My hope is that my next post in this series will feature any new signatures collected this weekend at ARCHON.  I didn’t have time to make bookplates ahead of time, so it’ll be whatever I purchase at the con.

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