For this edition of my author signature collection highlights, I have chosen to share some personalizations with inscriptions!  Each author wrote some kind of saying that matched the title or spirit of the book.


I sent my copy of Speak with a co-worker to ALA Midwinter last year to collect Laurie Halse Anderson’s signature.  Speak is one of the few non-sf/f books in my library to receive this treatment, and it’s because this book spoke to me on a personal level.


My mother-in-law brought back Perfected from an ALA Annual two years ago because she thought I might like the dystopic story.


Tithe was one of my first signed books.  A librarian that I used to work with offered to take it to a conference to have it signed.  I later met the author at the ALA Annual in 2013.


Earlier this year, I met Kendare Blake at BEA and collected her signature on several books and a bookplate for my collection.


I almost missed Meg Cabot at a conference because of the schedule, but since a friend was also there and waiting in line, I was able to leave my books with her.  I found her in line just before she got the signature, so I was able to say hi!


I got in line for Jen Calonita just because of the series name for her new series, Fairy Tale Reform School.  I’m glad I did because this middle grade novel was a lot of fun to read.

That’s it for this week.  I know I haven’t been consistent with these posts, but I hope you find them interesting!  More of these to come 🙂


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