Author Interview with Emily King, author of The Hundredth Queen

Hey all!  Today I have an author interview to share.  It seems like my last one was forever again (it probably was), but Emily R. King agreed to share a few things about her new series, starting with The Hundredth Queen.  You may recall my review, but in case you missed it: I really enjoyed this book and have already pre-ordered both book 2 and book 3.  Luckily, they have fairly close release dates (The Fire Queen is out in September and The Rogue Queen in February 2018).  Anyway, here’s what she had to share with me!  (Oh and the author’s running a contest RIGHT NOW for a bunch of awesome prizes!  Check out the graphic at the bottom.)

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  1. How long did this story live in your head before it was published?

ERK: I wrote this story over an eight-month period. My process involves a lot of research as I draft and revise. I am always researching! I also tend to draft quickly and revise for quite a while. My first drafts are little more than glorified outlines, but they’re a good skeleton to build upon.

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  1. What influenced your world and characters? Any mythology or folklore?

ERK: I purposefully stayed away from any existing religion or belief system. I was raised religious and am choosing to raise my children the same. As someone who has a deeply rooted faith system, I didn’t want to misrepresent beliefs that are sacred to someone else, so I fabricated lore from Sumerian mythology.

  1. What can we expect from the next two books?

ERK: The world expands a lot. In book two and three, we see other sovereigns with different traditions and self-interested rulers. Some are allies and some are enemies. Readers will also expect more magic, a fuller cast of female characters, and greater competitors for Kalinda to face.

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  1. Where did you get the names for your characters?

ERK: I rely on baby name websites, the more obscure the better. Sometimes I read hundreds of names before the right one sticks. I also try to consider the meaning of the name and whether it fits the character.

  1. Can we expect to see more of any of the courtesans and wives?

ERK: Yes! Many of the courtesans and wives from the palace return in book three. In book two, more fierce sister warriors are introduced from other regions in this world. Also, Kalinda’s relationship with Natesa goes through a significant transformation. I promise the cast of strong female characters continues to be central to the plot.

Here’s the link: in case you don’t wait to type it or can’t 🙂


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