Recent Book Hauls! BookOutlet, Trades, ARCs


Today was a great day for mail!  My BookOutlet order came in with lovely books for both my library and for my Secret Sister (not shown because that would spoil the surprise!), and a couple of #booksfortrade came in.  Plus a book from Blue Rider Press (Penguin/Random House).  Thank you everyone who made this possible 🙂  I have so much to look forward to!


So over the last couple of weeks, I had several exciting books make their way to my library.  Mostly via trades, but also a couple through work and regular purchases.  I am looking forward to reading all of these in the coming months!  So many new pretties 🙂

Which should I read first?


4 thoughts on “Recent Book Hauls! BookOutlet, Trades, ARCs

    1. I love Tamora Pierce! And someone recommended A Guide for Murdered Children and said it was very engaging. I might not get to it right away though as it’s a March release, but I already skimmed the beginning, and I’m intrigued!


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