Fangirl Friday: Recent Contest Winnings

About a month ago, I won several Twitter/blog/random giveaways, and they all came in by a week or so ago.  I had meant to get this post together to say thank you to all the people who hosted these giveaways!  But alas, I got busy and then fell ill.  If you read all the way to the bottom middle of my Mask of Shadows review, then you’ll have seen the fun package I received from Sourcebooks Fire as a random winner during their promotional prerelease activities.  (Quick note: some of these happened awhile ago and I don’t remember all the details.  Mostly I wanted to share my thanks and gratitude with the people/author/publishers who hosted the giveaways!)


This beautiful flower comb was made by the author, Julie Dao, and offered to people who pre-ordered Forest of a Thousand Lanterns and sent in their proof of purchase to the publisher, Penguin Random House.  I was lucky enough to see the post before they ran out.  She has done a couple other giveaways since then with adorable fans and hand-made snakes 🙂


I won these wonderful eyeshadows from Amanda Foody through a random draw while promoting her new release Daughter of the Burning City, which I enjoyed reading (review here).  Amanda specifically picked these colors out to match the smoky, purple cover.  She did a great job!


I won this nifty swag kit including signed bookmark, wristband, notebook from an internal Street Team contest from several months ago.  The author was looking for some side character names for Roar‘s sequel, and one of my suggestions was chosen! Watch out for Brax 🙂


This last one was a bunch of unused makeup hosted by Jenefer @iheartnandn as a random Twitter giveaway.  I don’t use a lot of makeup, but that snake eyeshadow caught my eye.  And it couldn’t hurt to play with the others 🙂  Or give them to friends who do use makeup.


That’s it for this time, but I just found out about a couple more giveaways I was randomly chosen to win, so look forward to another post like this one!

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