February 11-17 Book Haul and #OTSPSecretSister

I’m a bit late, but I wanted to share all the fun goodies that came in the mail last week!


First, I decided to continue with Secret Sister this round, but moved to a lower bracket due to financial circumstances.  My new Sister is Jane Eyre, and she sent a lovely book from my wishlist, which has received good reviews, cat toys, and a hand-crafted octopus amigurumi.  How amazing!


And I had some trades come in.  I’m excited to dive into this new manga.  And I have a beautiful Fablehaven arc to add to my collection!  I love #booksfortrade 🙂


Once again, I found myself at Goodwill, looking through the book sections.  I found some great Jim C. Hines to add to my collection, an arc that looks interesting, and a 30th anniversary edition of Princess Bride.


Found a couple of new, interesting arcs at work that came home with me.  I’m getting a fun Coraline vibe from The Land of Yesterday.


And I couldn’t help but include these stickers that I got from RedBubble.  Some of them will find themselves heading off to my newly assigned Secret Sister.  Could it be you?


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