C2E2 Almost Killed Me, But I Got So Much Swag and Art!

I was super sick over C2E2 weekend, but I did what I set out to accomplish, which was find out more about current graphic novels, collect new info, and meeting publishers.  I managed to gather contact information from several self-publishers to bring back to work.  But on the personal side, I got to meet a lot of my favorite artists that I follow online and collect new art and signatures!  Which I’m excited to share in this post!  There will be a second post tomorrow detailing the fantastic graphic novels that I purchased.  Be prepared for that!


I didn’t commission any art because that was a bit outside of my budget, but several artists did have cute little sketches available for purchase.  I couldn’t stop myself from looking through Amy Mebberson’s stash and knew this precious Kida had to come home with me.  She doesn’t get enough love and is my favorite Disney character.

Sara Richard is another favorite, and I haven’t had a chance to purchase any of her art previously, so I picked up these two prints.  And I brought my copy of Kitty & Dino for her to sign, and she did a quick sketch!!  I love it!  Ok, I also purchased one of her enamel pins, a cat with a skull.


I didn’t pick up any new prints from Camilla d’Errico, but I loved speaking with her and sharing my fruit butterflies.  I did pick up this sticker and a bee enamel pin (pictured below).  And her signature as well!


I found a new artist to become obsessed with, Asher Bee.  She has some amazing fruit animals.  And I purchased an enamel pin of her dragon fruit lizard.  I would have loved a coconut hermit crab pin, but they arrived too late to come to the show.  This print just called to me, so I brought it home.


I added some new signatures to my collection, which is awesome!  Featured above starting in the bottom left corner and going clockwise: Sarah Beth Durst, Nnedi Okorafor, Asher Bee, Amy Mebberson, Rebecca Ross, Tricia Levenseller, Camilla d’Errico, Sara Richard, Daniel Kraus, and Amy Lukavics.


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