C2E2 Almost Killed Me Part 2: All the Comics!

As promised, here is the post where I share all the comics and graphic novels I purchased at C2E2 while horribly sick.  I am excited to read all of these and have already started on a couple!


Here’s the four fun titles from Boom! Studios.  I just finished Mega Princess over the weekend and am hoping for more.


These are the four graphic novels I picked up at Image Comics.  I’ve been looking forward to most of these for awhile.


Oni Press was giving away signed copies of Spectacle, and the beginning is pretty good.


My review for The Ghost, The Owl will be available very soon since I received a copy through NetGalley, but I’m so happy to have a physical copy, especially since it’s now signed by Franco and Sara Richard!  These are both from Action Lab Comics.  Not sure why the picture is loading sideways though.

That’s it for the bigger publishers, now on to the fun little publishers and self-published graphic novels.


Kymera Press is a newer publisher and looks very promising.  They work with all females on about four stories right now.  Dragons by the Yard is a fantastic story about nerdy crafting.  Their other stories include a new one about elephants, an assassin, and pet noir.


Comfort and Adam was an awesome find in Artist Alley.  Rainbow in the Dark looks amazing, and Kitty Game is a delightful romp through a cat’s brain as it races through the house.  They were lovely enough to sign this copy for me.  And the artist signed Kitty Game for me at her booth.


I saved the best for last!  The artwork in this book is beautiful watercolors and the story is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast with fae creatures.  I read this one on the way home and can’t wait to share my review of it.  Hidden Door Comics should be releasing another graphic novel, and I’m on board!

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