#ALAAC18 Book Haul Part 1

For the three nights that I stayed in a hotel room, I was able to spread my books out and take pictures.  I was not able to do that with the fun books I picked up on Monday, so today I just have pictures of what I picked up.  Tomorrow’s post will go more in depth for the various titles and who I picked them up for.  I would like to point out the signed Buffy the Vampire Slayer board game that I won during the raffle at ALA Gaming, which is one of my favorite additions to the conference.  Can’t wait to test out this game!


Friday was the short intro and reception.  I picked up a few signed copies of books and some swag before the Exhibit Hall closed and it was time for ALA Play to begin.


Saturday was a big day for book talks, sessions, and a few more signings.


Sunday, my focus was on graphic novels.  There was a large emphasis on them this year, plus I was there to gather information specifically in this area.  There are some great ones coming soon!


2 thoughts on “#ALAAC18 Book Haul Part 1

  1. Wow, so much awesome stuff! I need to know more about that signed Buffy thing in the top photo! Also, I’m dying to read a couple of the books you got, in particular The Wicked King and The Muse of Nightmares:-)


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