#TBTBSanta, #OTSPSecretSister, #GeekySwap2018, and #SecretSanta2018

As promised, here are all the lovely goodies that I received from the 4 secret santas that I participated in this year.  I count myself very lucky as each of my santas were quite generous and put a lot of thought and care into each package.  Thank you to all the lovely ladies that sent to me!

Here’s what I received from Nicole through TBTBSanta.  You can see that my cat enjoyed this box greatly and almost immediately.  I’ve already read both the graphic novels and the soundtrack is lovely.  Thank you!

December’s Secret Sister box showed a lot of love and care with wrapped goodies!  I haven’t tried the sipping chocolate yet, but I can’t wait to!  Shuri has joined the other marvelous ladies in my Funko Pop collection.

I tried Geeky Swap this year through IGGPPC, which is a geeky pen pal match up.  I tried to do the pen pal part once and was paired with someone in Germany, who ghosted me after the second email.  I’m glad that didn’t happen this time!  Thank you, Debbi!

This last one was a bit of last minute with a group of internet friends that did this last year as well.  I’m very excited for the comics love and new Ancient Magus’ Bride titles to dig into.  Thanks, Bridget!

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