All the Book Mail from January! (It’s Quite a Bit)

It’s been awhile since my last book haul post, and I’ve gathered several fun new titles for my personal library.  I’m just so excited to read them!  Do you see any here that are on your TBR?


This is my Book Outlet purchase from the Boxing Day sale.  I used this opportunity to pick up several new manga, an isekai light novel, an art book, the newest Invisible Library volume, and a paperback copy of Godsgrave (so I can keep my hardcover in good condition).


I made a recent trip to Half Price Books to clear out 3 huge boxes of books from my collection.  While looking around, I found this fun art book for the newest Peter Pan remake, which wasn’t the best movie, but I enjoyed some of the interpretations and the graphics were lovely.  And I found this out-of-print Jane Lindskold novel that I haven’t yet read.


This group of books is what I used the magical gift card from my first secret sister, Caitlin, from Christmas.  I decided to use most of it on some craft improvement books that I’ve been eyeing, plus a fun new book from Amanda Bouchet.  My goal this year is to work on improving my writing and drawing skills in various ways.  I have so many projects in my head that need to make it to paper.


Here’s a copy of fun, new arcs that came in through work.  I’m very excited for this new graphic novel and I love the cover of Descendant.  I’m looking forward to reading both of these 🙂

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