Early February 2019 Book Haul and late January #OTSPSecretSister posting

So many books, so little time!  Here’s another catch-up post with new additions to my collection.  Starting with the last package I received from Round 9 of OTSP Secret Sister.  I don’t remember sharing this one, and it was full of awesome.  If I have shared this one before, well, I’m just excited!


Some more delicious truffles!  Mermaid stickers and washi tape.  And two books from my wishlist that sound quite intriguing.


Even though I didn’t get to attend ALA Midwinter, my boss did.  She was nice enough to hit a couple of signings and bring back all the comics and graphic novels she could find (since I’m the graphic novel specialist).


I’ve been pretty fortunate in the way of recent trades as well.  I try not to be too picky and move along arcs from work to people who are really excited for them, but I did manage to snag some that I’m really looking forward to reading!


Here are a few more trades that came in this last week.  House of Salt and Sorrows is a hold over from ALAMW as I emailed the publisher for a couple of titles that they ran out of before my boss could snag them.  Below is another of those, Aurora Rising.  The back cover got horribly beat up, but it doesn’t matter because I can’t wait to start reading it!!!


Here’s some wonderful looking titles that came in at work.  They weren’t on my radar before, but they look really cool!


What do you all think I should read first?  There are some amazing books in this pile and I don’t know where to start 🙂

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