Fangirl Friday Featuring Susan Dennard

It’s been so long since I’ve done a Fangirl Friday!  And this one is overdue, but I’m still excited to share my excitement frorm meeting Susan Dennard in person once again and geeking out over the Witchlands series!  Plus bonus: pics from the FaeCrate Hangover Kit for Bloodwitch, which was fantastic!!


This picture is not at all flattering of me, but Susan looks super cute with her little Bae!  If you’re wondering what is on my hand, that’s the first piece of my sea fox cosplay.  I had a friend make a scale maille gauntlet for me!


Since several of my friends, whom I have gotten hooked on Truthwitch, were unable to attend this event.  So I brought back a handful of signed bookplates to distribute!

Faecrate Hangover Recovery Kit

I loved almost everything included in this box!!  I’m so glad I took the plunge 🙂  Mine did arrive with some difficulty as the bath salts had a manufacturer defect and leaked EVERYWHERE, but here’s what was in it.




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