July 2019 Book Mail

As promised, here are all the wonderful goodies I received in the mail during the first part of July!  It’s a great mix of publisher sent arcs to review, arcs I traded for, preorders, and purchases.  Expect to see reviews of many of these in the near future.


A big thanks to Inkyard Press for sending me an arc of Crown of Coral and Pearl.  It sounds absolutely fascinating and I’m sure it’s on many of your TBRs already!

Next up, we have the gorgeous Litjoy Crate exclusive of Sorcery of Thorns.  While many people went crazy for the Owlcrate and Fairyloot editions with their sprayed edges and color-changed cover art, I was enamored by the promise of reversible cover art and a gorgeous tip-in of a piece of Rosiethorns88’s papercraft artwork.  I was not disappointed!!  In fact I love this artwork and the fact that not only is it in the book, but the spoiler card had it as well.  Now I can display it!  Also, I finished reading it so my review will post early next week.


Next up, we have a free book from my public library’s Adult Summer Reading Program, a couple of books from Half Price Books from my recent vacation, and the swag I earned for participating in Shadow & Flame‘s street team pre-release push.


I took advantage of Book Outlet’s recent sale to snag a couple of sequels I’d been eyeing, using my rewards to cover shipping since I didn’t need the full $35 to achieve free shipping.


My pre-order of Kingdom of Exiles arrived while I was out of state along with a recent order of a new audiobook.  It may be the last in a series that I haven’t finished yet but this mp3 version was super cheap and I couldn’t resist!


Speaking of pre-orders, Camilla d’Errico’s newest drawing book landed on my doorstep with a fun sticker, postcard, and signed postcard art.  Love that little frog’s face!  I’m sure this will be useful on my journey to find my style and improve my artistic skills.


Last, but not least, my books for trade exchanges arrived.  Magic for Liars is actually signed and came from a friend on the Twitter tag who was able to snag this copy while at ALA in DC, no trade required!  Special thank you to her 🙂


Wow, that’s quite the massive list!  I better get started if I’m ever going to make a dent in my TBR.  Are there any titles that I should jump the list?  Let me know in the comments below!

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