Series Review: Made in Abyss 1-7 by Akihito Tsukushi – Post Twenty-Two of Stay Home Order

Welcome to Epic Fantasy Week as part of my participation in Wyrd & Wonder!

My first review fits nicely into epic fantasy, so that’s what I’ll be focusing on this week with my regular posts. Reviews won’t always fit my planned focus, but I’ll work them in as I can 🙂


During April, I introduced my brother to the anime Made in Abyss since I picked up the first season on BluRay due to a really nice sale. After discussing it with him, I decided to watch the two movies, which were essentially the first season sliced together really well. And when I finished with those, I wanted to stay in the world longer. So I decided to read only the manga used for the first anime season. Although I have been collecting all the volumes for some time now.

Unfortunately for my plan, the first season of anime covered all of volumes 1-3 and the first tiny part of volume 4. As you may have guessed, I couldn’t stop myself since the book was already open and in my hands. And once I finished 4, I moved right on to 5-7,  committing to possibly spoiling all of season 2 of the anime.

It was worth it! This is a great epic fantasy story that knows how to hint and tease and give you worldbuilding when you need it. It also does not pull punches and explores some pretty dark territory. Especially since our main characters are only 12 years old or at least and act that age in the case of the amnesiac robot Reg.

I honestly don’t want to spoil any of this story, but do know that the anime is a very faithful adaptation of the manga. Making few or small changes to when certain things are revealed or attempted.

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