Fangirl Friday: Jane Lindskold – Post Twenty-Four of Stay Home Order


For this week’s theme of EPIC FANTASY, I present Jane Lindskold. One of my favorite authors, starting around junior high when I discovered the Firekeeper Saga. Over the years, I have collected her signature through mailing a SASE and sending the first book with my brother-in-law to a signing when he was stationed in New Mexico.

Although Firekeeper is my favorite series from this author, she has written several other books. Some I have read, but I haven’t read all of them.



I was also lucky enough to win an arc of her newest series, which is actually sci-fi but still features talking animals. And I found an arc of Through Wolf’s Eyes for my collection and almost died when I held it in my hands!


And, starting last year, the author has added two new Firekeeper novels with the second having just released this week! I’m so excited to finish rereading the original six books and read seven and eight for the first time. I’ve always wanted more, so we’ll see if I’m happy with the results 🙂

Wolf's Search (Firekeeper Saga, #7) by Jane LindskoldCovering Wolf's Soul | Jane Lindskold: Wednesday Wanderings

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