ARC Review: Fae Spell by Eve A Hunt – Post Thirty One of Stay Home Order

Fae Spell (Yew Queen, #3)

Kindle Edition

Expected publication: May 25th 2020

I had the pleasure of once again helping the author hunt for typos before releasing this book into the world for mass consumption, which means I received a free earc in exchange for an honest review. I can happily say that this did not impact my enjoyment of this book!

This is a great conclusion to the trilogy! I love how the author was able to both introduce new concepts that felt logical and wrap up many of the loose ends all in one compact novel. We were introduced to chapters told through Coren’s best friend’s POV, which allowed for some extra steam. And, of course, our dark unicorn friend makes a return. Sadly, we lose some characters as the war comes to a peak. But, I was pretty happy with how the humans rise to the challenge placed before them.

Overall, I definitely think you should check out this series if you haven’t already. This story arc wraps up nicely, but it sounds like the author has more stories planned for this universe. I’m excited to see what she has up her sleeves!


A dragon. A twisted curse. And a finale to rival the glory of chocolate croissants.

I used to think burned scones and bad hair made for a rough day. When a dragon crawls out of a hole in Main Street, I realize it’s time to rework that definition.

I broke the Mage Duke’s curse, but the dark spell hasn’t disappeared. Instead, the casting morphed into a legless dragon thing that wants to eat me.

Nailed it.

And to top off this crap sandwich, the town’s local reporter has decided to rouse a mob against me. 

I have a lot of witch work to do, friends. Send doughnuts.

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