#ALAAC18 Recap: Food, Faces, and Travel

In order to get to New Orleans, I took a couple of planes.  The first one was the smallest I’ve ever flown with a column of two seats and a column of single seats.  Because I was next to a window, I was able to snap a few cloud landscapes.  What a way to start a trip 🙂


On Monday morning, I made the obligatory trip to Cafe du Monde to try the local delicacy of beignets.  I didn’t see Tiana through the window, but I’m sure these were made especially by her, just for me!  LOL


I made it to Gordon Biersch for the one evening meal that I didn’t have other plans for.  My coworker and I were interested in a couple of new things, so she ordered the above shrimp and mango tacos, and I ordered the shrimp and lobster mac ‘n’ cheese.  Both were fantastic!


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Fangirl Friday: #ALAac17 Author Signings : Books from Home


Today’s Fangirl Friday continues to focus on author signatures in my collection, but this time, I wanted to present something a little different.  As I recently attended ALA Annual in Chicago for work, I was able to meet a few authors and snag a few more signatures.  I wasn’t able to personally meet very many authors as I was quite busy attending work-related sessions, so many of these were acquired via my husband standing in line since he was there on vacation.

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For this edition of my author signature collection highlights, I have chosen to share some personalizations with inscriptions!  Each author wrote some kind of saying that matched the title or spirit of the book.


I sent my copy of Speak with a co-worker to ALA Midwinter last year to collect Laurie Halse Anderson’s signature.  Speak is one of the few non-sf/f books in my library to receive this treatment, and it’s because this book spoke to me on a personal level.

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Fangirl Friday: Author Signatures Pt. 4

As promised, here are some signatures collected from past ARCHONs!  It’s always exciting to see who the writer/artist guest of honor will be and then to meet them in person.  My earliest favorite author, Tamora Pierce, attended a couple years back.  I went to almost every panel she was on and even invited her to my bachelorette party.  Unfortunately, although she agreed to make an appearance that night, she was not feeling well.  Instead, she sent her assistant with a lovely note apologizing and congratulating me.

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Fangirl Friday: Author Signatures Pt. 3

Another week to feature some fun author signatures in my collection.  Next weekend, I’ll be attending ARCHON 2016 in Collinsville, IL, so part 4 of this series will feature authors that regularly attend the convention.  The week after I return will feature newly collected signatures, and the following week will showcase any remaining authors that didn’t fit into those two posts.

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