Fangirl Friday: Susan Dennard – Post Five of Stay Home Order

Here’s another Fangirl Friday comin’ at ya!  This time I decided to feature one of my absolute favorite authors: Susan Dennard.  You may recall my many reviews of her Witchlands series, so I’m excited to share my collection of arcs, swag, and signed copies.

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Fangirl Friday: Joshua Khan

Today I have a fantastic middle grade treat!  A lovely trilogy by Joshua Khan that subverts many horror tropes and utilizes giant bats in the best way.  I love this series so much and cannot tout its amazing-ness enough, so please check it out and share it with your kiddos!


The author is also super nice!  He sent me a bunch of signed bookplates and cover prints, which I’ve happily sent out to other people in the hopes of getting them hooked on this fabulous world.  Plus, did you see that cover quote from Rick Riordan daring you to NOT love this story?


Fangirl Friday: Catherine Asaro’s Lost Continent Series

This week I want to spotlight a gem in my collection as the first in a series of Fangirl Friday posts where I showcase some of my most treasured possessions: signed books and ARCs.  Haven’t decided if I will stick to alphabetical by author or just whatever catches my fancy for sharing.

First up: we have the Lost Continent series by Catherine Asaro.


Fell in love with the cover of The Charmed Sphere shortly after its release and saved up my money to buy this $14 book (it was a lot to a young person back then).  I was really sad when they didn’t get the same artist, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, to do the cover of book five, but I was happy the series got a book five when others by LUNA had been cancelled.


A couple of years ago, I messaged the author over Facebook and requested the author sign some bookplates that I would send with an included SASE, and I was happy when she agreed.  Now I have a wonderful series to reread with even more meaning than when my teenage self first found it!

Fangirl Friday: Nevernight series by Jay Kristoff

Today, I want to gush and nerd out about one of my favorite series, which also happens to be one of the best written trilogies I’ve ever read.


There are many reasons that my love of this series has grown into obsession, but mainly I think it’s because of the fabulous fanart I’ve been inspired to make.  Recently, in a pottery class, I crafted 2 versions of the ever-present crow dagger.  The first one had some promise but ultimately didn’t match my vision.

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Fangirl Friday: #squad312 and #terminaluprising with not-the-heroes-you-wanted heroes

2019 is shaping up to be another marvelously fantastic year for new releases in science fiction and fantasy!  The covers are masterfully crafted, the authors are excited to share more and continuing stories, and the pre-order incentives have stepped up their game.

I wanted to bring your attention to two books in particular.  One that’s got some great hype already, and one that’s a little quieter but no less awesome.

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Fangirl Friday: Katie O’Neill’s The Tea Dragon Society


Not too long ago, I shared my review for the delightfully wonderful webcomic turned physical graphic novel.  Now, I want to share some of my delightful EEP and OMG THAT’S FANTASTICAL AND AMAZING moments that made me ❤ this story even more.

The first part of my tale reaches back to BEA17, when I discovered that Katie O’Neill was going to be in attendance signing advanced copies of The Tea Dragon Society with Oni Press.  I knew that I wasn’t going since it was back in New York, but one of co-workers was and asked me to let her know if there was anything she could be on the watch for.  While I was watching social media throughout the day, I saw a post about Oni Press’ signing schedule for the day (or week, I forget which), and Katie’s name was included.

So I sent an email to my co-worker, who saw it and said she would try 🙂  Later that day, she sent me this picture of Katie holding an arc, and I knew she’d made it in time.  EEP!  How cool?


So, I used up a lot of luck to have this little chamomile tea dragon plush come home with me.  It was announced as part of a bundle available at NYCC17, another convention I wouldn’t be able to attend.  I had a booksfortrade buddy offer to try and pick one up while she was there, and asked one of my bosses at work if she had any contacts going.  She said she would put out a feeler or two, and I didn’t hear anything again after that.

Unfortunately, my buddy arrived after all the bundles were sold out 😦  And I hadn’t heard back about it from my boss that week or the next.  But then, one day, I walked away from my desk to refill my ice water, and when I returned, there was little chamomile and the glorious finished version of The Tea Dragon Society.

I cannot wait for the card games and future stories that the author is working on!


Fangirl Friday: Recent Contest Winnings

About a month ago, I won several Twitter/blog/random giveaways, and they all came in by a week or so ago.  I had meant to get this post together to say thank you to all the people who hosted these giveaways!  But alas, I got busy and then fell ill.  If you read all the way to the bottom middle of my Mask of Shadows review, then you’ll have seen the fun package I received from Sourcebooks Fire as a random winner during their promotional prerelease activities.  (Quick note: some of these happened awhile ago and I don’t remember all the details.  Mostly I wanted to share my thanks and gratitude with the people/author/publishers who hosted the giveaways!)


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