July 2019 New Releases

Once again, we have a month full of wonderful sounding new releases in fantasy and science fiction!  I’ve got a couple of these almost ready to review, but they all sound fabulous.  Have you read any of these yet?

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June 2019 New Releases

It’s time to share all the wonderful books that have either come out already this month or are scheduled to do so very soon!  May was super stuffed with awesome and June has quite a few amazing ones as well.

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January 2019 Releases I Want to Read

As usual, I seem to be a bit behind with sharing of monthly releases.  Since I’m not quite sure what happened to the month of January, it doesn’t surprise me that we’re already several days into February and I haven’t shared anything about January releases past some book hauls and my New Releases of 2019 page.  Which is pretty up-to-date at the moment with all the 2019 releases that sound awesome.

Anyway, here’s the covers for the awesome books that released in January that got me excited!

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