Fangirl Friday: Tamora Pierce – Post Twenty-Eight of Stay Home Order

As part of my look at YA fantasy this week, I’d like to share my collection of books penned by one of my favorite authors of all time: Tamora Pierce! This woman has written some of the best female characters ever, and I can’t believe that I’ve been able to meet and speak with her on several occasions.


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Fangirl Friday: Jane Lindskold – Post Twenty-Four of Stay Home Order


For this week’s theme of EPIC FANTASY, I present Jane Lindskold. One of my favorite authors, starting around junior high when I discovered the Firekeeper Saga. Over the years, I have collected her signature through mailing a SASE and sending the first book with my brother-in-law to a signing when he was stationed in New Mexico.

Although Firekeeper is my favorite series from this author, she has written several other books. Some I have read, but I haven’t read all of them.


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Fangirl Friday: Ever After High series by Shannon & Dean Hale – Post Nineteen of Stay Home Order

To start my birthday month of fantasy and fun, I want to share a very special series.  I fell hard into the Monster High phenom and was overjoyed when they announced the spin-off, Ever After High.  I didn’t care for any of the Monster High novels or series, but I was very attracted to the Ever After High series.  Those covers.  The interior colors.  The fact that the cover image is printed on the hardcover.

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Fangirl Friday: Jim C. Hines – Post Fourteen of Stay Home Order

Today, I’m back with another fangirl post.  This time I am sharing my collection of Jim C. Hines books.  He is a fabulous person, who should definitely be on your radar.  He does this marvelous thing where he tries to recreate female poses from covers.  Check it out here.  It’s mind blowing!


I’ve been lucky enough to collect some ARCs both from trades and from the publisher.  Jim writes a wide variety of fun series.  The characters make the stories even more compelling.

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Fangirl Friday: Joshua Khan

Today I have a fantastic middle grade treat!  A lovely trilogy by Joshua Khan that subverts many horror tropes and utilizes giant bats in the best way.  I love this series so much and cannot tout its amazing-ness enough, so please check it out and share it with your kiddos!


The author is also super nice!  He sent me a bunch of signed bookplates and cover prints, which I’ve happily sent out to other people in the hopes of getting them hooked on this fabulous world.  Plus, did you see that cover quote from Rick Riordan daring you to NOT love this story?