Redd’s Reads originally existed on Tumblr until I found that format too constricting and switched to WordPress.

About Redd:

I’m a librarian working at a bookbindery with an almost unhealthy obsession with books, particularly fantasy.  I have access to advanced copies through work, which I’m hoping to review more of so that people on the Internet can make decisions earlier.  I also participate on NetGalley, although I really prefer the feel of physical books, and was selected as a member of the AceRocStars group through Penguin.

My favorite genres include fantasy, science fiction, and some thriller/horror, and I enjoy reading at all age levels.  I’m trying to make my reviews both helpful and conversational (kinda like a written booktalk) while avoiding spoilers.

Contact information:

If you’d like to contact me about reviewing a specific book, feel free to email me at reddjena05@yahoo.com.  Or send me a DM on Twitter via @reddjena.



I’ve started actively seeking out author signatures, but authors tend to have appearances mostly on the East and West coasts, so I’ve been contacting them electronically, designing bookplates, and sending out SASEs whenever possible.

As a member of NetGalley, I have earned the following badges for participation in events and submitting reviews.

Reviews Published80% 25 Book Reviews Professional Reader 2015 Challenge Participant 2016 NetGalley Challenge


And here are my wonderful badges for participating on Street Teams followed by blog tour graphics!


Promise of Fire - Graphic


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